Welcome to this series of 15 training modules designed to provide information to help you in your work with clients of the California public mental health system. We have worked hard to make the modules interesting, current, and useful to your work with the clients of California’s public mental health system.

This series was produced by the California Psychology Internship Council (CAPIC) and funded largely through a grant from the California Department of Mental Health with support from CAPIC.

The educational material for each module was designed and developed by the faculty named as the module presenter. CAPIC does not take credit for the intellectual content of each module, nor is it responsible for the content. The information provided is the responsibility of the presenter.

Each module was developed as a stand-alone learning experience. After completing the module titled “Recovery and Recovery Oriented Care” you may choose the order that you work on the remaining modules, but may not begin a new module until you have sucessfully completed one begun earlier.

To make maximum use of each learning module you should work through the module in the order presented:

1. Read the Introduction to the Topic

2. Read the Goals & Learning Objectives

3. Read all articles on the Recommended Reading List. Some presenters also provide additional reading, labeled “Reference List,” if you are particularly interested in learning more about the topic you will find these references very useful in your self-learning process.

You can access materials on the recommended reading list through the online journal search at your doctoral program.

4. Watch the video titled Introduction to the Speaker

5. Watch the video of the Lecture Video

6. Review content of the lecture by viewing the Slide Show slide presentation of the lecture.

7. When you feel prepared, take the Exam at the end of the module. While you take the exam you are free to use any material from the module itself, any notes you have made, or any other resources you have on this topic. Remember, the examination will cover material from all areas of the module, not just the lecture and the readings.

In order to successfully complete the module you must receive a score of 75% correct on the examination. You will learn your score within a week of taking the test. Should you not achieve the required score you must retake the examination, but there will be a different set of questions on the second, and any subsequent tests. Clearly, if you failed the examination it is in your best interests at this point to go back and view the lecture again, and re-read the articles. All of these modalities will contribute to further learning. You might also find it helpful to re-read the goals and objectives, since the test is structured to address these specific desired outcomes.

We hope you enjoy the modules and gain knowledge that will help you in your future career. We also request that you give us feedback about the quality of these modules and your experience working through them in the short program evaluation that follows. We will use your feedback to improve future projects of this nature undertaken by CAPIC.